Exile Server Info (OFFLINE)

Fr1nk ao posted Feb 1, 16


Port: 9304
Password: N/A

*General Warning - the AI are difficult. They are smart and use various bounding, suppression, and flanking tactics to try and kill you. Many times, they will likely succeed. These are not like the AI on my previous servers, and many missions will be quite challenging to complete solo*


AI Headless Client
All unit management offloaded to a headless client (HC) which improves AI responsiveness and overall server performance. The HC allows for more simultaneous missions and a larger number of concurrent AI spawns.

FuMS: Fulcrum Mission System
Several mission types including: town invasions, vehicle convoys, captives rescue, soldier patrols, and more traditional "AI guarding a crate" missions. Most missions spawn with a large group of AI. Zombie missions are currently disabled, until memory leak issues are resolved by Bohemia Interactive. There is a group of helicopters that patrols the map (DayZ Origins-style).

Custom Trade Cities
There are 4 trade safezones on the map: 2 are located on the main island, 1 on the western island, and 1 on the north-west island. There are also 2 aircraft traders situated at both main airstrips, and 2 boat traders located in the northern and southern regions.

UI Customizations
Color Grade Adjustments, Kill Messages, Status Bar, Watermark Logo, Welcome Messages.


- Server restarts are every 4 hours: 2:00 / 6:00 / 10:00 AM-PM.
- Server restart warning messages at: 15 / 10 / 5 / 3 / 1 minutes before restart.
- Server logins are locked 5 minutes before restart.
- Territory payments = 30 days: constructs/containers within REMOVED if no payment after 30 days.
- Container lifetime: containers outside territories that have not been used for 7 days are REMOVED.
- Construct lifetime: constructs outside territories older than/not moved for 2 days are REMOVED.
- Vehicle lifetime: all vehicles not moved or used for 15 days are REMOVED.
- Loot spawn notification is disabled.
- New Exile releases: server will usually be updated within a day, on a best-effort basis.


- No racism or any other form of discrimination. There is zero tolerance.
- No base raiding of any kind.
- Do not harass or grief other players in any way.
- No stealing from other players.
- No looting dead players.
- Do not block off military spawns.
- This is a PVE server, do not attempt to engage in any PVP behaviour.

*Admin reserves final discretion to act on any violation of server rules*


The following addons are required:

✔ Exile Mod (406 Mb)
✔ CUP Terrains - Core (7.29 Gb)
✔ CUP Terrains - Maps (2.01 Gb)
✔ Taviana Map (1.79 Gb)
✔ Ryan Zombies (26.4 Mb)

- The simplest way to obtain/update the required addons and connect to the server is A3 Launcher:

a) In the "Mods" tab, download/subscribe* to the required addons listed above.
b) Search for "Quarantine Zone" in the "Servers" tab.
c) When you click on the "Play" icon, the launcher will ensure all required addons are loaded.

*Addon downloads will be placed in the folder specified in A3 Launcher settings.
*Addon subscriptions are Steam Workshop content and will be managed by the Steam API.


- If you encounter issues and require support, please post in the QZ server forum or send a PM to fr1nk
- If you encounter a Battleye kick, the following info would be great to have:

  • The full kick message (screenshot or text)
  • Date and time of the kick

- There are two process monitors running on the server. Monitor 1 polls the server every 15 seconds and Monitor 2 polls the headless client (HC) every 25 seconds. In the event of a server or HC crash, they will be restarted automatically. A full server restart should not take more than a few minutes.


-Intel Xeon E5-1620v2, 4c/8t 3.7 GHz+/3,9 GHz+
-64 GB DDR3 ECC 1600MHz
-3x 300Gb SSD Intel DC S3K SATA3 6Gbps, RAID 0
-500 Mbps/1 Gbps burst
-Anti-DDoS Protection
-Hosted near Montreal, Quebec