Dark and Light Server Info

Fr1nk a posted Sep 9, 17


Name: Blackbane RP Hosted by Quarantine Zone
Port: 11111
Query Port: 28015

Password: Contact [admins] for access


1) Click *LAUNCH BLACKBANE RP" in the "DNL" drop-down menu at the top of the page
2) Click on the LAUNCH button in the server banner box on this site (right side of page)
3) In-game server browser - search for "Blackbane RP"
4) Click on or enter the following into any web browser: steam://connect/


-No racism, misogyny, trolling, overtly sexual comments made at people, rape RP; this applies in game and on Discord..it's 2017, if this needs to be addressed we have bigger problems.

-Basically conduct yourself in an adult manner, how you would if you were at work and didn't want to lose your job.

-Cheating and hacking of any kind on this server will automatically result in a perma ban; not just a steam ID ban where you can make a family account and log back in, but a IP ban. If you need to question if it is cheating or not, it is and do not do it.

Things to not do while playing:

- Foundation/Pillar spamming
- Blocking off access to specific areas (Portals, Cyclops bench, Respawn nodes, Ice forge). Barriers will be removed without notice.
- Kiting animals into someone's base, tames, logged off players.
- Don’t loot people if you find them logged off.

- The server is RP Optional; what this means is some people may RP heavily, some not at all. If you choose to RP heavily, know your audience and if someone is not responding in-character, then tone it down a bit. The same works in reverse if you are not an RP’er and someone is trying to interact with you, don’t ruin their RP, but just answer normally.

Things admins will do and won’t do

They will:

- Move animals that get stuck in terrain if at all possible to do so.

- If a person falls through the world/gets glitched admins will try to save their corpses/person. Things like replacing gear are done on a discretionary case by case basis.

They will not:

- Respawn animals as you have the ability to soulstone animals.

- Please remember the game is in Early Access so there will be things out of the admins' control, we ask for your patience and understanding as we strive to provide you with a fun gaming experience.

* Server owner reserves final discretion to deal with any violation of server rules *




- PvE
- XP: 3x
- Taming: 5x
- Harvesting: 3x
- Creature Decay: OFF
- Day Speed: 0.5x
- Night Speed: 2x
- Global Spoil: 2x
- Corpse Decomposition Time: 4x
- Crop Growth: 2x
- Crop Decay: 0.5x


-Intel Xeon E5-1620v2, 4c/8t 3.7 GHz+/3,9 GHz+
-64 GB DDR3 ECC 1600MHz
-3x 300Gb SSD Intel DC S3K SATA3 6Gbps, RAID 0
-500 Mbps/1 Gbps burst
-Anti-DDoS Protection
-Hosted near Montreal, Quebec