Found one of these today off a dead player zombie [link]
LOL @ Salty Tear Lake
The new H1Z1 map? [link]
Oops double post. This is what happens when you use your phone. ....
Article on JS page talked more about King of the hill... lmao smh
Even the article on JS had more to do w/ King of the hill... Lol. PvP. It makes games. The more simple and barbaric, the more customers. Smh
2 developers just quit the H1Z1 team, they will review the "good stuff" in King of the Kill that didn't find its way to Just Survive....what? seems like they genuinely forget that JS exists
[link] remastered goldeneye came out yesterday. multiplayer only. hd. very well done. downloads to steam. check it out :d
Which server?
Hey, anyone know why the server isn't popping up?
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ARK v245.1 Patch Release

Fr1nk a posted Jul 28, 16

Click HERE for more info.

ARK v244.1 Patch Release

Fr1nk a posted Jul 3, 16

Click HERE for more info.

ARK Fan Trailer

Fr1nk a posted Jul 2, 16

ARK Creature Dossier - ????

Fr1nk a posted Jun 28, 16

There's no info available, so click HERE instead for pictures of a T-Rex adapting to modern society.

Professor_Goat Thats an ugly looking herbivore. Wonder what use it would be? Trex was entertaining. Ty

ARK v243.2 Patch Release

Fr1nk a posted Jun 23, 16

Click HERE for info. And HERE for more info. And HERE for even more info.


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