Sounds like a roof is in order then...
So apparently ai can parachute down in an attack on flag poles.. our base was raised in the middle of me putting up a wall... I didn't survive.
cant do the long, steep stairs. goat is clumsy irl like he is in games..
I wish this was my house IRL [link]
tonoa is the definition of a well done map. pvp server and the chance of actually seeing some1 in the thick jungle is remote. tonoa is probably my fav all time arma series map
so i discovered a arma3 pvp server on tonoa. holy crap is it fun. ryan zombies spawning everywhere..
yup. forcing everyone to download the dlc turns pvp servers into pay to win. ark is dead. i uninstalled that 80gbs garbage yesterday.
ARK The Center server is broken for the moment. Blame Wildcard for their shit patch.
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