Upcoming Patch Preview

Fr1nk a posted Sun at 16:11

Click HERE for the article.

Quarantine Zone Public Server

Fr1nk a posted Mar 10, 17

Server relaunched for public use. Those wanting the old database save, download HERE.

Click HERE for PC Gamer article.

Professor_Goat uhg m&b eye porn
Fr1nk a They do. Please tell them to stop, please and thanks -_-
Sylvie It looks beautiful. I guess the devs just live to torture you, Frink.

Conan Exiles News

Fr1nk a posted Mar 6, 17

Click HERE for PC Gamer article. Click HERE for the DevBlog. Click HERE for new dungeon preview.

Fr1nk a I hope they don't pull an ARK and delay things, especially if they want to do all this within a year.
Sylvie That all looks super promising. I don't think he should be throwing stones about EA, though. Hard to overlook the...

Conan Exiles Patch - Feb.15

Fr1nk a posted Feb 16, 17